The Choral Boosters provide several fundraising opportunities during the school year.  Family members can choose to participate in one or more fundraisers as their time permits.  Some programs raise money for individual choir members, and others raise money for a specific choir. 



We sell Watkins Vanilla and Cinnamon year round.  To order either product, please contact Chair Lisa Wargo at or  A portion of your sales will go directly toward your choir fees.

5K Color Fun Run

A 5K run with color powder sponsored by the Marysville Choral Boosters and all funds generated go to the general fund.    The run is run by choir and showchoir members and is chaired by Lisa Rose.   Date TBA

Princess Party

The Maryville High School Choir students put on a tea staring the latest popular princess.  This event is aimed toward the younger generation with intention to inspire them to be part of the choral program and to meet their favoiate pincess and have a good time.   All funds generated for this event go towards the general fund.  Date TBA


Each spring, we sell bags of mulch from Dutch Mill Greenhouse.  Choir members earn $1 per bag sold.  Parents are welcome to sell to colleagues and neighbors, as well as buy mulch for their own home.  The  mulch sale is being chaired by  Patty Newland .  Mulch orders are due at the end of April.  Please email Pattyl if you have any questions:


Der Dutchman offers a fundraiser to any organization wishing to sell their pies, cookie dough, cake rolls and gift certificates for their bakery.  We sell products each November, for delivery right before Thanksgiving.  Our parents sell products to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, pocketing earnings of  between $3 - $6 for each item sold.  Those earnings go directly to each individual family. 
This fundraiser is co-chaired by Christina Kesterson and Lisa Wargo.  


Kroger gives a free  "shoppers card"  to anyone that would like to earn money for an organization.  The Choral Boosters are signed up for this program, and all rewards are deposited into the Boosters' general fund.   You just swipe your card during checkout, then Kroger will add up all our members' purchases and give money back to our organization every quarter.  
To get started, go to Kroger and ask the Customer Service person for a shoppers card for the Community Rewards program.  You can have a different card for each family member, including grandparents, aunts & uncles, even neighbors that might want to contribute to our vocal music programs! 

To enroll your card, click KROGER REWARDS ENROLLMENT



WHAT IS IT?  Every year we host a show choir invitational called the "Showcase".  We invite show choirs from around the Midwest to perform at MHS and earn awards, trophies and recognition. This event is our biggest fundraiser each year.  We are proud of our reputation for running an excellent competition: we are organized, we run on-time, we provide good food and have kind, friendly volunteers.  Check out the Showcase webpage for more details!

CHOIRS  wishing to register for the 2017 competition, please use this link.  

PARENTS of show choir students are required to work at the Showcase: 8 hours per parent for high school students and 4 hours per parent for middle school students.   Volunteers will be contacted prior to the event so they know when and where to report for their shift. To sign up for volunteer work fill out the SHOWCASE VOLUNTEER FORM, and give it to Pam Klaus.  

QUESTIONS about Volunteering?   Contact Chair Pam Klaus  937-594-0466  or email

QUESTIONS about the Showcase? Contact Chair Katie Silcott  614-284-2321 or email 


Cabaret is our annual Variety Show and Silent Auction, held in November.  Members of the show choirs perform vocal, dance and comedy acts to raise money for their groups.  Parents donate goods and services for the auction.  For more details, please  click HERE to go to the CABARET page on this website!


If you find yourself in a situation where you would like to request financial aid for paying fees, click HERE for the Choral Boosters Financial Aid Form.